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to want what you cant have

"if you see me with another guy
laughing and joking,
trying to get by
i wont put you down,
cause i want you around
you can make me whole again"

have you ever wanted something you cant have? do you know how awful it feels? it's like RIGHT in front of you yet you cant have it... the pain to have it right in front of your face. so close, yet so far... but you just cant have it?!?! the twist to the whole thing is that you CHOOSE not to have it. OMG. that's like one of the worse thing anyone would ever do to himself... to stop himself from having something he can actually have!!

ARGH!!! beef jerky!!!!!!! =( my mom is so mean. she chooses to buy beef jerky when i'm giving up any meat with legs for lent!! what is she trying to do? test me?! =( and she usually dont buy these things either!! she knows it's bad for us and she knows i cant eat it!! it's a conspiracy or something

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