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dreams coming true

"if i should ever draw a picture of a woman,
it is you that would come flowing from my pen

helplessly melting as i stand next to the sun
and as she burns me, i am screaming out for more.

leaving your smell on my coat
leaving your taste on my shoulder
i still fail to understand...
fail to understand"

a few days ago, i was telling johnny about a bad dream i had about the snowboarding trip the night before the trip. i then mentioned how i'm happy i'm not psychic because i wouldnt want my dream to come true.

now, my gender and communication teacher scheduled everyone on a day to open for her class. you can do anything basically, just to brighten ppl's day or whatever. i dunno why she makes us do it. i was schedule today, the day right after spring break. now i'm all set and whatnot... i was planning to show a music video that is gender related and pass out the lyrics to the song. i planned on going to the library before class starts and photocopy about 50 of the lyrics to hand out.

but last night i got a dream that once i went to the library, i couldnt find my lyrics sheet. then i remembered that i had email myself the lyrics, so i went online to print them out and then photocopy them. but to my surprise (well not really, it's a dream) the printed out paper either looked f-ed up or it has unnecessary things on it... no matter how many times i've printed out the damn thing. so i was late for class... bad thing when i was supposed to OPEN

but once i got to the class, the room's light were off and there was practically no one there. there were only one or two ppl there, but they were sleeping. and the only person that wasnt sleeping was on the phone and she wouldnt answer my question to what happened to everyone. i soon later noticed that the door has a sign saying that class was canceled for the day. and i'm like "aw man, wtf?"

sooo today, i made sure that my dream didnt come true. i woke myself up early enough to get to school half an hour before this class starts. of course before i went to school, i double checked to see if my lyrics page was in my backpack. it was. i also even double checked the video to see if it works, it's fine. so i'm all set, and at the library i got someone to photocopied the lyrics page for me. all's good. by the time i'm done, i'm still about 10 min early to class.

i walked up to the room... only to noticed a paper on the door... "class canceled. wednesday opener will open for wednesday." WTF what about me!??! what am i supposed to do with the 50 copies of this one song?!! but that wasnt the first thing that came to my mouth. the first thing that came out of my mouth was:

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