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being spoiled. ending bad

i know we're at war...
but to be honest...
it's not bothering me.
at all.
but later it might...
when i start to realize that
ppl i know are fighting it.

ahhh!!! stop spoiling me!!

today i was eating dinner with Johnny... and i automatically assumed that he was gonna pay. damn i've been around T and his friends too much. because everytime i go out with T, 90% of the time he pays.. for everyone.

like the trip, i told you that last time he paid for everything because he won so much right? this time he paid for the rooms and dinner as we were going to tahoe. then we met up with his other friends and we had a midnight meal, HKDW paid for that. breakfast? HKDW's friend, B, paid for that. i tried to pay him back but he said, "it's ok, T paid for the rooms" till today i still wonder what that had to do with me paying him back for breakfast.

even before the trip, T and i stopped at a corner store to get junk food for the trip. dude T was stocking up hehehe i got a drink and one candy. hehehe and i was waiting for him to pay and then i'll pay for my own, he told me to put mine with his. =\

my god. now john (not johnny) brough this girl he was sorta involved with along with the trip. and since we are both not old enough to gamble... and we got carded everywhere we went!!!! they took us to the arcade and the girl asked john for some money for the arcade. and i was messing around and i said, "T! money! money!" with my hand out and stuff. and T looked at me all serious and asked, "you need?" and i looked at him all weird and shook my head. i mean... DUDE?!?! even for the arcade?!?!

ahhh!! stop spoiling me!!

P.S. T went to kaiser today to check up on his wrist, he fractured it. he got an x ray on his hand and he got a crack going on. =( he's getting a cast. right now, he has this temporary one on him... which is still pretty hard. "i can knock you out with this" lol poor guy tho =(

john's neck still hurts. he said that it hurts when he move it a certain way. my neck hurts too. i'm still not sure if it's the snowboarding or the accident... but i'm getting a check up soon.

john was saying "what a way to end our season huh" with T's fractured wrist, the car accident, HKDW getting a speeding ticket when going back home... damn. what a day.

"does he love me,
i wanna know
how can i tell if he loves me so?"
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