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snowboarding recap II

"my instinct say i ought to disagree
when my mother say men will leave eventually.
nothing last forever i agree
but i wouldnt mind the possibility"

i'm back from the trip~ this time i actually got the hang of snowboarding... sooo much better than last time hehehe i didnt fall as much :D and i'm not as scared as before. as HKDW said, "dont be scared, you fall because you're scared." SoOoOoOo true. like when i get off the stupid lift, i always fall! and i remember telling T that i am gonna fall when i get off the lift, and T said, "you fall because you already anticipate it before it happens." so one time, i said, "i'm not falling!!" and i didnt!! whoo hoo!! but i couldnt stop... so i nearly hit a kid =( lol but yeah, i was ready to tackle the damn mountain!!! bwhahah!! and i won!! bwhahaha! but damn, my falls are kinda horrible still... feel like after this trip, i'm never having kids or something. yeah, still that bad. i seriously dont remember hitting my head, but apparently i have a bruise on my head... like it's an obvious bump. i didnt notice it tho because it doesnt hurt. i was in T's room resting on his couch... (you dunno how good that feels after a day of snowboarding and cramming in a car for 4 hours) and i rested my head against the wall... bam... wtf?!? ouch?! but no headache =)

now let me tell you what gave me a headache. john was driving me home and we were waiting at the tow booth for the bay bridge. out of nowhere we hear this loud ass screech behind us, john looked at his rear view mirror and said, "oh shiet!" and he tried to drive out of the lane... too late. we got rear ended! that impact was fricking bad. both of us jerked forward. i dont think i hit my head but damn i got the biggest headache afterwards. it was loud, it was fast, it was bad. john couldnt tell if his neck hurt was because of snowboarding or because he's getting a whiplash. but he concluded later that it's from the accident.

we're ok, as you can tell... but john claimed that it's because he drives a hard ass suv. he said that if he was driving a regular car, we would've been in some serious pain because it was a mini van that hit us. hard. i mean... we heard the screech a block away... the mofo was speeding towards the frickign tow booth. he claims that it's raining and it's slippery, but we all know it's his fault.

but all in all, the trip was over all good minus the accident and some pain from the snowboarding trip... =\ T fell on his wrist and now it hurts when he moves it... looks bad too. i pulled my shoulders in a way that it shouldnt be pulled when i fell a few times, but it doesnt seem to bother me as bad as T's. and i think i got a sunburn even tho i cant feel the pain, i look like i'm drunk... i didnt get one last time. but then again, it wasnt as sunny last time nor was it hot.

hmm now that i think of it, this is a bad luck trip lol! because no matter where i went this time at the casino, i got carded! every-fricking-where! last time i was sitting at the goddamn table watching him play and it was ok. wtf. they didnt win either =\. second, i got a sunburn! and T got seriously hurt from a fall. and last but not least, the accident at the end of the trip! i mean the impact was bad but the car seemed ok. just a huge as dent in the back... the bumper f-ed. i mean, even tho the accident wasnt extremely bad. no one hurt and stuff, it seriously wasnt necessary.

oh wells, there is always next time... besides, I TACKLED THAT MOUNTAIN!!! BWHAHAHAH....
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