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"is it me?
is it you?
is it something i forgot to do?
oh, tell me so that i'll understand."

ken mentioned how i havent update in a while, and i've agreed. and lately when i do update, it's short. just not elle-ish enough huh? so i decided to write about something and make it "normal" entry length.

a few mins ago i was reading ken's entry. he asked why some ppl made the background of their blog a color that makes the text harder to read. and even tho i know my journal isnt like that... (i mean... come on! it's black background with white text!!) i asked him anyways hahaha who knows right?! maybe he thinks that it's too bright or something =P

and ken's like "no, but i KNEW you would wonder that. you always think 'is that me?' hahaha from now on I should always say (no not you elle!!) in my entries" i'm just so paranoid lol as kevin said, "no it's not always about you" lololol even tho kevin wasnt (or was he?) addressing me, it still referred to me. =P ppl should follow ken and mention how it's not about me when they talk about "nameless." lol just to make me feel less paranoid or something LOL to get me off their backs. hehehe

is it tuesday yet? =P

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