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snowboarding recap

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i'm back!
now for some quotes that i remember from my trip,

"turn left"
"are you questioning me?!?"
"no.... but are you sure?"

"if i win that $1 million progessive jackpot..."
"we're flying back home."
"heck, we're going to europe tomorrow!"

(after seeing a cop, stopping at a gas station to go to the bathroom, but noticed that they didnt have any that's open, and peeing in the bushes)
"why do you have the trunk open?"
"so we wont look suspicious! let the cops see our snowboarding equipment and they would just think we came back from tahoe or we're tourists."

"elle, can you please just give him some meaningless cuddling so he'll be satisfied and he wouldnt come near me in the middle of the night? it means nothing, just give him some human warmth."
(he sounded serious too! hahah)

(really harsh but playing around) "dont talk to me in that tone!!"
(pretending to be girly) "sorry" and then (put his head on the other guy's shoulders)

"why are the blankets like this? what did you do?"
me "my bed is alll niceee and tucked in. hehe"
"dont make me come over there!"
"we should seriously give her the sandwich"
(bwhaha i've been bragging how i get the bed to myself)

"i cant believe i'm making the bed with you" (T talking to Jon)

it was fun. i gotta say that snowboarding is one hecka workout. i was complaining how sore i was from it, and T said, 'wait till tomorrow, then you'll see." and i said, 'what?' and he said, "you'll wake up tomorrow and you'll think of me saying that." quoting from him, "muscles i dunno exist hurt." everyone on the trip kept telling me how the first time is the worse. you'll wake up all horrible and stuff. there were six of us. it was funny, T was saying how "you know how you're all sore when you have a fever? well it's ten times worse." and so later on that night, i told him how i'm scared how i would feel the next day and he said, "well... it's not that bad. it doesnt hurt, it's just sore." and i said, "stop sugar coating it!" and he laughed a bit... and then later advice me to take some pain killers before i sleep....

this morning, i woke up. it's exactly how i expected it. i had trouble moving. if it wasnt for the fact that i had to go to the bathroom, i think i would still be in bed. i swear to you that the hardest part of being sore is getting out of bed. it wasnt as drastic as how T said it, "i had to use my hands to move my feet, they wouldnt move." but it was still horrible. it hurts when i laugh. it hurts when i sneeze. it hurts when i walk. it hurts when i move. i cant even open this cracker bag!!

but the trip was fun. the hotel we stayed in had a casino in the lobby, so they gambled that night. T won $700 on blackjack only! i watched him play. he was so lucky that night that he was given two aces, so he split them... and then he got blackjack on both of them! you should've seen it when he took all of the chips out of his pockets to change colors. even at $25 it still seemed a lot

then his best friend, jon was even crazier! the whole night, he just stayed on the 25 cents wheel of fortune. he won $400~ on that alone!! it's a machine! but dunno why, after snowboarding, they went back to the casino... and he won anoher $220 on that same thing!! i remember looking for him and i saw the machine say 900~ jon was so determine in gettign 1000 on the machine before he leaves. but for some odd reason, it almost seemed like the machine knew what he was doing. like for example, one time he has like 993. so he's almost near 1000, and he won 10, but the machine gave him quarters instead. and i told him, "ok, it's 1000, let's go." and he said, "no! it doesnt say that on the machine! it doesnt count!" i'm telling you man, the machine just kept giving him quarters. he was at 999 and he wasnt willing to leave! he spend like $200 trying to get the number to 1000. T was like, "you used $200 to get those 6 quarters?! you might as well spent those money on the $1 wheel of fortune."

but going out with them was great tho. they are so fun to be around. like for snowboarding, they all gave me tips on how to do better. even his friend who didnt knew me helped me a lot. and you know what? goddamn T paid for everything! like the hotel rooms? he paid for both of them! food? he paid for it. jon paid once too. but T said that it's all good because he won a lot. and he was saying how if he knew he was going to win $700, he would've just gotten a suite so all of us could live in it. even for gambling, jon gave me money. i came over and he gave me $10, "sit here and play." but yeah... uh... "i broke even" LOLOLOLOLOL

oohh talking about that, jon of course wanted that progessive winning. and of course, you need three of the triple diamonds in order to win. he had like two of them on the line and one of them on top of the line. he's was like "this makes me very upset." and then he said, "hey T, look at this" and T looked at it and said, "I dont want to see that! dont show me that!" i had a few like that too. the triple diamond wasnt on the line, but they were all lined up on top of the line.

dude tho, back to snowboarding. you dunno how many times i fell. like every 30 seconds i'll fall and take a 5 min break. it's a lot of work. but i had two falls that were horrible. both of them, i was going too fast and i panic because i dunno how to stop. first one, i fell in front. but it went so fast that my hands couldnt stop myself. my hands were my airbags yesterday. i hit my stomach. you know how when you jump into a pool with your stomach? LIKE THAT. second one? i fell on my ass, my head hit the floor. THAT one got to me. i nearly cried. yes, but not just any crying, it's the "cried like a child" cried. with the whole hiccups and stuff. and while i got myself to not cry, i still did the whole hiccup thing. it was that bad. and i'm like "fuck, i'm getting myself back up, i'm getting my ass off this mountain."

you must be wondering whyyy i was on sugar and spice and not the bunny slope. they were all going and i told them that i'll just stay on the bunny slope, but they insisted that i go with them. they said that it's less steeper than the bunny slope, just 2 miles longer. lol so i went, might as well right? the mountain was less steeper, but it was fricking long. they passed me like 4 times on my one run. i asked them to go ahead, because i dont wanna take anyone's time. and everytime they see me, they'll stop with me and give me advice on what to do.

one time, i thought i was catching a cold, my nose was running a little and i fell again. it wasnt one of those bad fall tho. and i saw one, two drops of blood in the snow. "i hope that's not mine." then the second time, i fell again, i felt the drop and i saw blood. and when i saw it, more came. it was running! so i tried stopping it. then coincidently they passed by. some of them didnt see me because i had my head down. but one of them did, came over and asked me if i was ok. i think they thought i hit my nose. and the others noticed when he came over to look at me... and the ones who didnt see me, noticed when they heard him say, 'are you ok???' after my nose kinda stopped, the guy who saw me first noticed he was sitting on my blood. and the other guy was like, "hey it looks like you're having your period." they started to make snowballs, one was so hard that when they threw it in the forest, it didnt break, it just rolled.

there was a time where i was so fed up with the whole falling and stuff. i couldnt get myself up. and i almost wanted to give up. it was that bad. i think like this snowboarding experience was one of the worse experience i've ever encountered. LOL but T told me that he felt the same way too on his first time. he was saying how he thought, "what am i doing here?" but he said that once i got the hang of it, it's really fun. i think i will go back if i'm asked again. yeaaah get the hang of it you know? because i didnt do that bad near the end.

"In the arms of an angel
Fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You're in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here"
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