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snowboarding invite

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living up to my name: the Queen of Laziness...

"thurs, skiing"
i really hate being cold. i dislike the snow too. i had this whole childhood trama thing a while back. my parents loved to travel. i've been around. of course, since Lake Tahoe is sooo fricking close and the bay area never snows... (maybe once in every decade or something...) we went to tahoe pretty often when i was younger. maybe back then i liked the snow?

but anyway on one of our trips to tahoe... (i think it was also my last?) we were on the beach and all and it was covered in snow. my brother and i had the craziest idea of walking all the way to where the ocean or lake or whatever is to see if it's frozen. you know, like ice skating frozen. so it took us a while to walked there because the beach was fricking long... but also because we were small. but as we got there, it was, of course, frozen.

now the frozen water looked pretty shallow because we could see the sand.. and not to mention about a feet or two away from us was a little island. so my brother walked over the frozen ice and went on the island. i also followed him after he went over, but i wasnt as lucky as him and i fell in.

as i mentioned earlier, it wasnt deep. so it wasnt as horrible as falling all the way into the water etc etc. but it covered my shoes and ankles. everything from my ankles and beyond were wet and freezing cold. then i had to walk myself back all the way across the long beach in those freezing almost frozen shoes.

it's not like i'm terrified of the snow that i get nightmares or whatever...
but i really dont like being cold
it hurts to be cold

anyways referring back to my Jan 26th entry, i am more willing to do things i usually wouldnt do when someone i like asks me to. that's what happened friday evening. he asked me to. i've hesitated but after a few incidents and fixed up's... i called him up tonight and told him i wanna go. his reaction? "really?!"


"They say in this world, 'nothing last forever'
but i dont believe that's true."
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