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(inspired by a conversation)

she doesnt know it yet, but when she walks into a room, everyone stops what they're doing to take a look at her. they try not to make it obvious, but other people can tell... because other people do it too. it's not like she's extra pretty but it's the way she holds herself. she walks with confidence and she's always smiling. but that's what makes her intiminating. her smile welcomes but her confidence overcomes. and guys would only look because they feel they dont even have a chance. and without knowing, she would changed a person's life forever by just smiling at him. and that's what makes her special. she's special because she doesnt know she's different than other girls. she believes she's not. she doesnt know it yet, but she can really screw a guy over...

because she will always be the untouchable goddess

"the sex she slipped into my coffee"
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