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new DL - DSL

my new driver's license came in the mail yesterday. that's way fast. i took it two days before it expired... 8/26 and i got it yesterday! 4 - 6 weeks my ass! lol not like i'm complaining or anything, i'm actually way glad. but i dont like the pic but at least my pic is on the other side now hehehehehe!

hope you find yours SOON, salina! or you might be forced to use your passport o.O

tell you something funny. my computer died on me about a month ago and i finally got it back. now check this... my brother was able to use the internet up until a day before i get my computer back. so about a day before i got my computer back, i can go online if i had a working computer but i didnt... now i have a computer that works, but i cant get online.

i call that irony.

sbc came in today while i was at work. my mom told me they claimed the modem is a goner. how did that happen? it was working fine like three days ago! good thing we have an extra modem lying around somewhere... or so my mom told me... ugh... i can see myself on the phone with sbc setting it up already... fun.

Quote of the Day:

jen: let ur body do the talking
jen: let ur body say.. take this.. rewind it back...
jen: eliza's got the bootie to make you feel whack
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