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labor day weekend recap

friday - we celebrated greg's, jason's and lilly's birthday at the rouge. i always have fun at rouge. it was nice to see all these ppl who i havent seen in a really long time. and unfortunate to see a person that i really wish i didnt get to see. >_< but overall i had a lot of fun and regret that i had to leave so early.

saturday - i didnt really do too much. it was rest your ass off at home day. i slept so much... which is normally what i do after clubbing the night before... but it was sorta productive, i went to office depot with kevin to get a scanner for my comics... and to get my id back ^___^ thanks kevin!

sunday - i went to "the bar" at the castro with dominic and his friend... all i gotta say is that if you've never been to a gay club, you have to go once. i've learned that personal space does not exist at that bar. normally at the clubs i go to, if someone or if you touched another person while dancing, you move away so it wont happen again. nope, not gay guys, they just keep dancing like it's all good if they're rubbing on you.

another is that i have never received so many compliments in a bar/club before hahaha and by ppl i'm sure that are not interested in me in that way. i have also never seen so many good looking ppl in one place... nor have i ever seen so many guys dance so well in one place hahahahahah it was great. i also never seen such an old dj before... and one of the better ones i've heard. she is definitely a lot better than any of the abzolut djs.

monday - we had dim sum in the afternoon. it was really fun! i dunno if it was that the weather was nice or something was in the tea, but yeah it was fun :) later we stopped by greg's bbq, chatted up a bit. "it was a really nice day" lol afterward, we went to kareoke because carlos was giving emily a hard time about that hahahah that was fun.

over all.. i had a lot of fun this weekend :D maybe it's the nice weather? i dunno what it is, either way, i hope every weekend is like that

ok inu yasha is coming on right now, time to go!

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