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Useless (or/and Pointless) Fact of the Entry:
The pyramids in Egypt were once completely covered with marble.

Phone Alert of the Entry:
WEIRD NEWS: Over 400 sheep jumped to their deaths in a mountain park near Nice, France.

m is funny. i love this guy.

M: Elleeeeee!!!
Auto response from Elle: i am showering and no i am not going to call you while i shower (which surprisingly, i found out it works)
M: calll mee while ur showering
M: so i can feel alll special
M: it'll be cool im telling u
M: so phhhattt
M: p-h-a-t phat
M: not f-a-t fat
M: but phat as in i got some phat gears at old navy phat
M: phat as in taking showers be so phat phat
M: i love to talk to myself
M: someone should really pay me to talk to myself all day
M: then i can be happy
M: in fact, u dont even need to pay me and i'll talk to myself anyways
M: its true, i will talk to myself for free
M: i'm my own cure to my insanity
M: which is why it is so phat
M: do i intend to continue on until u are done with your shower? yes
M: do i intend to stop before your shower is finished? No
M: should i really leave u alone and go to sleep? Yes
M: Is this the best smelling lotion i've put on before? Perhaps
M: Its so fruity, making me hungry
M: i LOVEEEEEEE to eat
M: i want to eat now
M: some fruits
M: maybe some mangos
M: but they always stick to your teeth so i dont really bother
M: i hate that more than anything
M: i haven't had slice peaches for ages, i should really buy some for myself
M: my parents have stoppped supplying this little pleasure of my life apparently
M: its so sad, i have to smell this lotion in order to reminscene of the taste of peaches
M: slice after slice
M: lucious sweet and tender flesh
M: yummmmmmmmmm
M: arrrr carpal tunnel syndrome
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