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that's materialistic

"wow, if i dated her, i'll never leave her"
"even if she had the worse personality in the world?"
"yeah, she's hella hot!!"

ah ok, you have my sympathy

on another note, focus on horror film was alright. yes i slept... i mean, hehe it's in the dark for like 6 hours for one day and 9 hours for the other. it's like working! they showed about 4 movies: friday the 13th, carrie, tetsuo and the exorcist. friday the 13th was just plain stupid... but nothing comes close to tetsuo. WORSE MOVIE EVER. it's almost like porn! out of no where, why are they having sex?!?! wtf? not even sure if it's considered to be a horror film. does disturbing = to horror now? because exorist wasnt that scary either... but it's pretty disturbing tho. carrie wasnt that scary either, except for maybe the end. hate when they put false endings like that!! lol it was actually really sad. omg, i felt so bad for her. almost wanna cry lol

now i need to watch my dvds =)


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