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shout out. this saturday. new layout

i have three things to say for this entry hehehe (i'm just messing with simple html lol)

  1. first and foremost happy birthday denys!

  2. this saturday

    Element @ Zebra - Free admission with skirt and rsvp before 11

    Synergy @ NV - Free admission with student ID and rsvp before 11

    i say we should go to one either way because it's free LOL i'm leaning towards NV since i havent been there in a while and i dont have to wear a skirt, even tho i wouldnt mind. also i never had fun at zebra... but that's also because i go on fridays and it was abzolut holding it... so i dunno if it'll be better if element's holding it... and on a saturday? also for NV, both guys and girls can get in for free. as for zebra... uhm... less we somehow make the guys dress in skirts lol!

    hey jen! it's free! let's go!
    salina! i know you're always up for one! even when you're sick :P

    wheEeEeEeE~! let's go!

  3. check out my new layout. i made it! it's kinda simple but that's how limited my abilities are compare to everyone else hahahahah! i havent seen elizabethtown yet, releases on oct 14 lol, but i already like orlando bloom and kirsten dunst's character together. all the pictures i saw of them are so cute lol

    makes me want to be in loveeeee ♥

Grab somebody,
Work your body, work your body,
Let me see you 1, 2 step
Rock it, don't stop it,
Everybody get on the floor,
Wake the party up,
We about to get it on

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