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bumping into ppl weekend

i am not sure what is up with this week... but i KEPT bumping into ppl way TOO much. not like i mind but it just normally dont happen.

friday - i went to watch 40 Year Old Virgin with der and her boytoy. yes, i dont mind being the 3rd wheel! i can sit in between them for all it matters! bwhahahahah! jk well anyway after the movie, we were walking down amc and we bumped into jason and amy. i thought it was just them... you know dating and going to watch a movie but nope, they were with pratically EVERYONE, even some ppl i dunno har har har. jason's all like "hey! sneak in with us!" but we got plans and were meeting some ppl up for pool. i went up to say "hi" planning to sneak up to salina from behind but she wasnt there! o.O and when we went downstairs, we bumped into eric and greg. they were with jason and them... and they were waiting for ppl whom they dunno heheheh

later during pool, we bumped into denys, carol and co. like whoa, "hi! i havent seen you in ages! you lost weight!" i was telling heather that if i bump into what's his face, i'm gonna call it a night and go home. but i ended up bumping into charlie instead during playing pool. he kinda popped his head out of the corner to tell me he's there. and i went up to say "hi" and he started to run! so i ran after him! but yeah, i havent see him in ages too!

saturday - i went to the gharidelli festival with der, nicky and my sister. omg, we had 30 tastings among the four of us... i think i am now good without chocolate for a few months. *moans* my stomach still feels full from it. so i'm just minding my own business and waiting for the clown to finish so my sister can get a ballon snake... and then i turned around and there's justin from smith point with his mother and sister. WOW, ok i havent see him in a while also. it was so funny. i was teasing him about how he should enter the sundae eating contest... and he's like "i'm really full already" and i'm like "how many tastings did you have so far?" and he's like ".... two..." lol! (i already was done with all my tastings) and his mother jumped in and said "no, you had one! he didnt even eat his other tasting!" and she showed me some chocolate in her purse. that was funny.

after the festival, we went to serramonte to shop and what not... and even for that short period i bumped into my brother and his friend. that was interesting. he kinda looked at my sister and i and laughed and then kept walking. pssh. brothers.

then during clubbing i bumped into joyce, her bf and her bf's brother. and i also bumped into one of my mom's friend's daughter or something. that was weird too! like HEY! anyway clubbing was fun hahahahah another fight broke out tho -_____- cant ppl control their anger? shit. and in the end of the fight, i even saw a guy kick a girl! i'm like wtf? maybe she came into the fight near the end and got caught in it? this is the 2nd fight i saw happen in a club. it looks practically the same thing. a bunch of ppl hitting on one... ppl move away to make a big circle... everyone looks but i bet like me, they couldnt tell who they were hitting. and then after two mins, everyone runs off before the security comes.

i wonder how today will be like?

I should have known much better
But it's so hard I can't forget her
She keeps playing me around
But I'm trying so hard to impress her
She puts me under so much pressure
And I just wanted her to let me know she cares

o.O ahh!! my eyes! cover my eyes!

oh... why did you come back??? get out of my dreams!

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