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silence is golden

so i forgot to mention the high light of the movie 40 year old virgin. during the movie, someone's phone went off. not unusual, i mean it happens at least once during a movie. but her ring is incredibly annoying and loud. and not only was it ringing but she seemed to let it ring for a few times as if she either cant find the phone or just likes to listen to it as if it's a song!

now normally, most ppl would either not pick up the phone and turn their phone onto vibrate... since they forgot to do it earlier... but i'm surprised she could forget after watching that cingular commercial how a ringtone can ruin a movie... (usually after that commercial comes on, i hear ppl turning their motorola phones into vibrate)... or they would pick up, whisper "i'm in a movie, call you back" which you can sometimes hear them say... then hang up and turn your phone into vibrate. it just makes sense to.

sometimes, if you're unlucky, you get a rude one who talks kinda normal... but still that's only just a one time deal during the whole movie and it's usually not long. well... this girl i'm about to tell you, she was different. she was talking loud. and it wasnt a short convo, it was a good two mins. and even then, ppl gave some annoying glares but didnt say anything or much.

well guess what? the phone went off AGAIN. and she's all talking loud AGAIN. and this time ppl said to her, "turn it to vibrate!" but she didnt care, she kept talking. then from what i remembered, it rang the third time. same fucking ringtone, same fucking loud level, same fucking ringing for a several times and same fucking loud talking. now ppl are getting pissed off. more than one or two ppl are screaming at her. she even have the nerves to say "it's my fucking mom!" OH OK, since you said that, it's ok to be rude. a few "fuck you"s were thrown around.

by then i was looking at what was going on. i'm sure so was everyoen else. i saw the person who sat behind them kicked their chair a couple of times. and then i saw someone stand up and left, i heard a guy go "sit down!" probably her bf. and then about five mins later, you see the guy who left comes back with two security guards... you see him pointing towards them... you see them get kicked out. you see the girl argue how it's rude how their chair got kicked too. blah blah blah and they left.

but guess what? the story doesnt end there! we started to watch the movie again and who would've guess you would hear the SAME ringtone again? i looked at heather and she looked at me and i gave her this look and heather said "Omg she left her phone." everyone looked over to the now empty chairs and i saw a guy got up to look for it. then i heard someone go "throw it!" and he did! but when he threw it, the security guard came back in with the couple... hahahah so poor guy who threw the phone got in trouble.

and that was the end of my high light of the movie

Helplessly melting as I stand next to the sun.
As she burns me, I am screaming out for more
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