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i'm psychic =)

so i was putting the pics i took with my *new* digi cam on friday on my computer... and resizing them so i can upload it and ppl with slow connection wouldnt have a hard time looking at them. i came across one pic... it's a pic i took during my horror film class. jonathan mentioned how i should take pics of the slides instead of writing it down. i dont think it's a good idea, since it's open notes in class essay you know? wouldnt print them out since my printer is dead... and if i copy it back on paper, it's like... copying it in class. but during break, i decided to take one pic of the slide, since it's just up there.... apparently that's what the in class essay was about hahaha see the pic.

see der, told you i'm psychic... or maybe it's up there because the teacher was giving us a hint? LOL well it still means something because i took it! lol what are the odds? there were so many breaks hehe

and fyi, i know this is coming, but no i cannot tell you what your future holds, i didnt mastered my psychic ability yet hehe it just comes to me. no, i cant read your mind, that's a different type of power lol stop trying to test me! shesh lol but i can tell you some stories that supports the fact that i'm psychic. =P


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