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something is in the air

something is in the air. for the past couple of months, A LOT OF PEOPLE have been hooking up. like every week, "oh they hooked up?" it's quite amazing. i guess i'm immune to it! har har har! well the ppl who's been hooking up either just turned 23 or turning 23 this year. so i hope that means the relationship they are getting into recently will make the year 23 one of the better years of their lives :)

while i become a nun hahahah!

Quote of the Day:
me: john just denied me lol
thatishawtt: nooooooo
thatishawtt: lol
thatishawtt: this is not a time to be denied
*heather is no longer thatishawtt... i just changed it to that so ppl wont be confused with the two heathers and her new sn wont be revealed

Meanwhile I hide my head
Here in this paper bag
Cause if I cant see you
Then you can't see me
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