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worse memory ever

sometimes i remember the littlest things and sometimes i have the worse memory ever. like today, i was eating with my cousin and co after the wedding rehearsal. i saw this guy who looked familiar. i'm sure i saw him a few times around but we never talked.... at least not that i remembered... and i knew he recognized me too because he gave me this "hey i've seen you" look.

so when he was putting down food on the table, he said to me in chinese, "i recognize you, you went to wash, you're mabel's friend" and i'm like "yeah i am" you know what is the worse part of it all is? i remember knowing someone named mabel but i really do not have a face with that name. like wtf. lol

just wanted to let you know.

OMFG, my cousin is getting married this saturday! OMFG! i'm hella tripping over it right now lol (sorry, she's my first cousin to get married, so yeah)

OH YEAH i was confirmed again by my cousin's friends that the year 23 was one of their better years :P

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