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interesting links relating to LJ

i really hope sara and greg hook up the coming season. HOOK UP ALREADY! EVERYONE'S DOING IT lol

anyway... user pics for all my lj friends

small preview here... basicstories, guineapigrock, orangeleecy, quasiangel, shadypoof, _twistedangel_, 58mm, blaireliza, garfpooky, sasawoo, stinkylilkitty, natscookiejar, naturelleza, 1conattack, dudum7, _seventytimes7, flackbait, infamous_icons, infinite_icons, thegame15, anthontae, arnogseel, snuggle_bear111, chimpy24, doxasticlogics, joslyn, ariel704, yeegaj, dancetygerdance, gxcad, azninspireboik, sweetmizery22, _catrina, xocourt, xxamyrae, nicole25, halocon, lokistic, completelysober, devipz, ugopk,

Make your own LJ UserPic links!

now THIS LINK IS worth looking at. it shows you what pics were uploaded at that day and time on LJ. isnt that cool? keeps you amuse for hours! that is if you have a fast connection.

search about anything that's written on LJ!

not relating to LJ but it's a cute animation! stole it from frank = 58mm

cute animation

yes i know... but i did a lot of work today! believe it or not!
Tags: time waster

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