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i eat for 10

i started to amuse myself. i amused myself on how well i managed to wake up late and get to school on time. i have so far done it twice in a row. i mean, can you blame me for waking up late? (dont answer that lol) i have classes at eight hehe. so anyways, i usually give myself about an hour before class starts. so if my classes start at eight, i should be up by seven and leave my house by seven thirty. but recently, i've been getting up at seven thirty exactly. meaning i already dont have time to get ready. i dont even think i need time to get ready anyways. i dont really care how i look anymore after i got a bf LoL esp. when he thinks i look good looking like a mess haha =X like i just walked into my house and my hair is a mess and i just strugged. =\and this ALWAYS happens, i would walk out of my door and see the bus stop at my stop... and while i wait for the red light to turn green, i see it drive away. but i still managed to get there before the teacher =)

so anwyays, i saw PTU yesterday. since denys kept saying how GOOD it was and all lol it's sooo funny. as i said to denys, "what is up with that kid?!?!" i thought it was really funny tho hahah kinda a dark comedy. my mom didnt like it that much, but my dad, i believe, did because he laughed at the parts i laughed at hahah esp. how the english subtitles were on, so the translation were funny too. "damn, i'm hit" LOL

btw, i always get two chopsticks. everytime i order sushi from yum yum fish, they always give me two chopsticks. i know i eat for ten and all... but i just need one pair. (SEE, ONE PAIR lol) even my brother walked in on me and said, "whaaa you bought hella lot" and took one and left lol

what can i say, i eat for 10. =)


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