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today i...

realized that

  • i might've overbooked myself for sunday
  • that i need to go back to the gym
  • i had another revelation
  • cupcakes are love
  • frosting is good
  • my phone has been through a lot
  • i have no plans for tomorrow
  • i need to call ppl about weds
  • i might not actually need a sidekick
  • i still need to help my dad fill out rebates for his laptop
  • when we get the laptop, all three of the siblings could be online!
  • i always burn the second batch of cupcakes

felt that

  • work went by a lot faster than usual
  • sleep is an old friend that i havent seen in a while
  • the guys on devipz's forum are picking on me :P
  • i have been online too much
  • my dad is silly
  • it's time for snowboarding
  • i actually do not want to go clubbing this saturday. booo zebra!
  • the usps postcard i have no clue why i got it is actually for my dad's laptop
  • i should own a kitty hehehe
  • i am pregnant

....that was what went through my head today.

quote of the day
"oh my clock... i mean the clock is not working"
Tags: quotes

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