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one of these surveys

ok i swear... after this i'll go work... i'm almost certain i've done this before... but it's fun to redo hahahahaahhaha :P besides i think the last time i did it, i lived in a different house and still in school o.O

01. What color are your walls? white. that was easy
02. What color is your bedspread/sheets? blue... something from ikea. 90% of the things in my house are from ikea
03. What color is your rug? o.O i'm not at home and i dont remember!
04. Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room? maroon 5, mcfly, play posters. got a maroon 5 calendar hanging on the wall too.
05. Do you have a TV? Is it big? yes i do have a tv. it's just a 20" the size of ken's monitor -___-
06. Do you have a phone? in my room? yes, but as most ppl, i dont pick it up. i think my sister and dad are the only ppl who answers it. my brother and my mom dont answer the home phone either.
07. Do you have your own computer? i share with my sister. but i have one at work :D
08. Do you have a desk? yes i do just to hold the computer, printer and scanner hahaha
09. What are your most treasured belongings in your room? pictures. and anything maroon 5 related lol
10. What are your most favorite things in your room? i like the computer. the bed is cool too
11. Do you have any fancy lights in your room? nope

01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? i too turn off my alarm and set it five mins later.
02. Anything unusual? that i do in the mornings? *thinks* no i dont think so
03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before school? sometimes i do it, in my head.
04. Do you try your best to look cute for school? school? what's that?

// SCHOOL //
01. What color is your backpack? when i usd to go to school... my backpack was blue. over the shoulder kind
02. Do you try your best when it comes to school work? not really
03. Do you listen or doodle? i try to listen but i sometimes doodle.
04. BE QUIET - we all know you doodle, but what do you doodle? random stuff. i used to draw comics during freshmen/sophmore year...
05. Do you eat your cafeteria food, or go out? i usually ate in school
06. What do you do right when schools over? depending on the day. sometimes i would go out. sometimes i would go home

// HOME //
When you come home are you. . .
01. Miserable? not really. almost never :)
02. Happy? i guess because now i can be extra lazy? hehehe
03. Tired? well i would've been napping on the bus so i might be acting a little dead
04. LEAVE ME ALONE? naw, i love ppl :D

// OTHER //
01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes? no. i dont even walk to safeway lol
02. What are some hobbies of yours? anything that involves hanging out with friends. going online. sleeping. eating. laughing.
03. Do you collect anything? books. i dont read any of them but i love buying them. i have all of HP books (altho most of them were gifts :P thanks guys!) i have all of the series of unfortunate events books. i have all of "girl got game" comic books. i have most of the alex cross books. dvds. i have practically all movies that edward norton was in. i own all of sex and the city seasons and all of the CSI's. i also have all of the pixar movies. anything maroon 5 related i'll probably have it too.
04. What do you do in your spare time? look at my hobbies. lol <-- ditto
05. Are you in love, or at least falling? how do you fall in love?

01. What do you do before you go to bed? all the good stuff that everyone does. and then watch inuyasha if it's on a monday, tues or weds lol
02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say "goodnight"? no i actually dont...
03. What way do you sleep? on the back. that's the only way for me to sleep
04. Do you like your life? sure. whether i like it or not it's still my life so i might as well live liking it right? lol... (why is this question under the "night time" section and not "others"?)

Last cigarette: smoking = bad
Last car ride: carlos
Last kiss: apparently kissing can be meaningless... so the last meaningless kiss or the last real kiss?
Last good cry: i think when stephen and i split?
Last library book checked out: ha ha ha ha ha
Last movie seen: transporter 2
Last book read: inuyasha book #5. that counts right? hahaha
Last cuss word uttered: damnit
Last beverage drank: protein shake, chocolate flavor
Last food consumed: cupcakes i made last night
Last crush: who doesnt know?
Last phone call: marc
Last TV show watched: inuyasha
Last time showered: last night
Last shoes worn: pumas <-- ones i'm wearing now
Last cd played: mcfly - wonderland
Last item bought: lunch from yesterday... some thai food... the next thing i buy would be a fastpass
Last downloaded: some pictures
Last annoyance: one of my stupid coworkers that comes into work once a week for two hours wanted in on the lunch... *squnit* doesnt deserve it!
Last disappointment: last night
Last soda drank: watered down spirte
Last thing written: a phone number
Last key used: the key to the front door at work
Last word spoken: "forum"
Last sleep: on the bus this morning... more of a nap tho
Last im: frank
Last weird encounter: something to do with being on the bus... i was listening to my ipod so i couldnt hear but all i heard was "i have never seen any bus driver like you! i put down my hat for that"
Last ice cream eaten: i dont remember either :(
Last time amused: sunday night, when someone was trying to cause trouble.
Last time wanting to die: i dont have a first or last time for that
Last time in love: well when i was younger, i thought i was in love, but when i got older i realized that i was not lol
Last time hugged: saturday night/sunday morning by dominic
Last time scolded: well not really "scold" but they were "saying" how i've been going out a lot
Last time resentful: yesterday
Last chair sat in: the one i'm sitting on now? <-- yeah same. who would've guessed you sit when you're on the computer?
Last lipstick used: artistry
Last underwear worn: the one i'm wearing now?? <--- haha
Last bra worn: read above
Last shirt worn: this one! it's the gap christmas shirt "check one: naughty or nice"
Last time dancing: saturday!! <-- yep
Last web page visited: livejournal

Would you think about what you're about to do to me
And back down...

i really like this song. you should dl it :)
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