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haunted house.gd.prom pic

i just saw a commercial for a haunted house on pier 48 (i think that's the number) and i was reminded about how i went to one... last year? i THINK it was last year... well anyway... i could've sworn i wrote an entry about it. how i scared one of the "ghost" or "zombies" but.... i cant find it.

did i not write about it? weird!

too bad i am going to LA during the weekend of Halloween... heard some ppl are going to that again this year. oh well. it wasnt all that great last year anyway... i'm a scarey cat and i wasnt even scared... and i scared one of them instead! lol but i had fun tho hahahahahah~

"hey! i saw you earlier back there!"

grave danger was on spiketv today. YAY. i think that's one of the few CSI ep i dont mind watching over and over again :P ah. i think nick/george plays a good victim. look at that icon. heart breaking.

i finally got the pic of me and eric at our cousins' wedding. looks like a prom picture hahahaha

i'm gonna go shower before inuyasha comes on. lol

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