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the past

so </a></b></a>jonathan recently moved into a bigger house... the other day, i went to go visit him with the guys and what not. we kinda invited ourselves and decided that jonathan needed a little house warming party hhahahaah i've never been there in my life but seeing his room... it gave me this feeling.. like... of... how do you say... familiarity? even tho i've never been there before... i guess it's because it's his room? (for the ppl who dunno, jonathan is an ex whom i still talk to but dont see often... but when we do talk, it's as if we see each other everyday).

and then we were watching a movie and jonathan sat next to me and said "you still smell the same." lol ok? all this kinda brought me back to when we used to date.

hey you, thanks for the memories :)

and then the other day i read on nathan's xanga that he's going to the USA o.O for the ppl that dunno, i had the hugest crush on him when i went to school in HK. everyone knew lol he knew. he's one of the sweetest guys. so i asked him where he's going and we should meet up... left him my email... really didnt expect him to write me... but he did! o.O we talked back and forth. (he answers his email quite frequently). too bad he's going to LA... and not SF >_< but it's ok. i'll meet up with him when i go back to HK. ♥ he still looked the same... from what i remembered him... ten years ago hahaahah shit.. that's hella long.

last sunday i got a call from one of my other ex's... we mostly talk through xanga comments. sometimes on AIM. it went a little something like this...

him: where are you?
me: Uhm... friend's house
oh, i thought i saw you on the streets
you were just thinking of me too much


the past has really crept up to me this past week

I must go away
Silently stay
And don't ask me why
Only believe
This is not good bye

we are going through melissa etheridge's new dvd... and we're playing around with the games and special features that we made up for this dvd lol!
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