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before yesterday... i forgot how the boys were. how the music was. how it felt to be around it.

after yesterday... i realized that i fell in love with them once again.

  • i like their new songs. the new "human" is pretty coool.
  • so happy they played "sink"!!!
  • still not used to andy's "new" short hair... but i heard it'll grow on me. he reminds me of a little kid now... he gets picked on so much by the other guys lol "my bed is lumpy" lol
  • yes, uh, hi! did the laser eye surgery made kaumyar's eyes look better? never noticed how PRETTTY they are. "i can see you now when i'm on stage!" so at least i know that smile i got from him last night was for me LOL
  • frankie is funny... drunk... and LOUD. he's a loud drunk.
  • i dont remember tim ever being this social. ever. who would've thought how funny he could be when he is social?
  • and nate... i used to be a little uncomfortable around nate, but after last night, i think i'm good :) everytime i would look over to him at the table, he would give me this look. almost like "i'm glad you're here" look. :)
  • i love the conversation kaumyar had with andy about the "black" cd. "this is pretty bad" lol!

yesterday was priceless.

Happy Be-lated Birthday Nate, glad you guys liked my choice of restaurant lol

nicole, do you love me for taking you in my car? ;) i think i did it quite smoothly and not obvious... lol i should've drove off with them and like.. run away. kidnapped! hahah jk

cant wait for tonight.

Do you wanna rock?
Do you wanna roll?
Do you wanna get down on the floor?
All of the above
I'm falling in love
Anything goes now
Everyone knows how to throw a party
We're gonna find one tonight
We're gonna show them what we're made of
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