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64 = 65?

my cousin always send me emails in chinese. she forgot that i dunno how to read it hahaha so one day i wrote to her telling her how she always send me things in chinese, i cant read chinese lol so she said "Oh oops, sorry" so now she only send me things that can be understood even if you dont know chinese. for example, today she sent me this email called 64 = 65? it's actually really weird. i think this might amuse denys, the math person he is hahah jk and i hope him or heather or whoever can tell me how it came about. i wanna know!! lol i suspect that the way they cut it made another box when they put it back together... but so far, i cant figure out which box and stuff. so yeah. here it is.

click here! go go lol ice cream on me to the first person to figure it out.

updated: it's been figured out lol.


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