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tarot card reading

so i went to the bernal height fair today to see kst. (they are as good as i remembered them :) after the show we walked around a little and we came across this little tarot card reading "booth" for $5. so all of us decided to get a reading... it was a simple three cards reading of the past, the present and the future. she asked me to shuffle the cards as many times and whatever way i wanted and then separated them into three piles... so i went and did that... now i dont remember what the cards were but i do remember what she said..

the past was a little scary. she told me that it's a "female" card regarding the "female part" and recommended that my mom should go to the gyno and get a check up o.O

the present had something to do with the 8 pentacles... how the pentacles symbolizes money and that i can spend as much as i want and i would always make it back o.O (not a good thing to tell someone like me that). she also said that it's about creativity... and that whoever i support, would be a winner. hahaha interesting!

the future is the ace of cups (i remember the card for this one! lol). this symbolizes that i am very generous with my emotions and that the more i give, the more i will receive. she said that i will be in a relationship "soon... very very soon". (you should've seen her face...) i asked, "how soon is soon?" and she said, "probably by the end of the year."

so i guess we'll see.

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