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i hate watching scary and disturbing movies.

we rented "high tension" yesterday. it's not scary but more of disturbing as in... bloody and nasty and all that good stuff.

half the time i'm watching it with my jacket covering my face. it was kinda funny to watch the guys' expression when i do that tho lol and they were like "can you even do that?" and jonathan was all like "dont look" lol

like i dont mind watching a triller where someone is being chase or whatever, but let's please leave the details and bloody parts out... but i guess that's what makes the movie good?

i'm such a scary cat. *insert my previous "hide me" kitty icon here*

but yesterday was fun tho. we went grocery shopping and cooked. donato was afraid there wasnt enough food. and we ended up buying and making more than we can eat. lol not surprised. i dont remember jonathan being such a good cook ;)

the last time i cooked with jonathan was about two years ago. i figured i keep the tradition alive and made a lot of bacon like last time. last time i cooked one lb for the two of us... so since we have five ppl yesterday, we cooked 2 lbs lol damn i would kill for some bacon now, i'm so hungry

the safeway we went to had shopping carts with these baby/kid seats in front of the cart that is designed like a car with the wheel and stuff. i tried fitting in it. uh yeah, didnt work. so i was basically sitting on the "door" of the "car" as i hugged the roof while they pushed me. and jonathan was all asking me in the tone you would talk to little kids, "where are your other siblings? where are they?" we passed by some lady and she kinda smirked at us. but i think doing that gave me bruises on my ass. i know, tmi.

when i got off the thing, frank was all asking me, "where's your daughter?" and i was like "OH YEAH, where is she?" i wanted to scream out a random name, like "mary? mary? where are you?" lol

gotta lay off the sugar lol

And i'm screaming at the top of my lungs pretending
The echoes belong to someone
Someone i used to know

And we become silhouettes when our bodies finally go

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