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stalker's guide

Friday, Oct 28th - Sunday, Oct 30th
LA - Beauty Class/Seminar*
Thurs, Nov 3rd - Sunday, Nov 6th
Phoenix - Rob Thomas
Monday, Nov 7th - Tuesday, Nov 8th
San Jose - Paul McCartney
Saturday, Nov 12th, Sunday, Nov 13th, Tuesday, Nov 15th
SBC Park - The Rolling Stones
Saturday, Nov 19th
Oakland - Rob Thomas
Friday, Dec 23rd - Sunday, Dec 25th
Las Vegas - Andy Lau*
Monday, Dec 26th - Saturday, Dec 31st
Orlando - Party with M* undetermined
*not work related

wanna say sorry in advance to the people's birthday that i will not be able to attend due to my pre planning and work... also to all the invites i got for halloween parties. i'm hoping i can bring my dad's laptop for a lot of these trips so i can hop online when i'm bored... so we'll see... if not.

TEXT ME! please
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