February 7th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

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is it "dont dream it's over" or "dont dream, it's over"? you know even tho it's the exact same words and all... it's totally different hehe. but i know... it's "dont dream it's over." but i gotta admit, when i first saw the name, i thought it was "dont dream, it's over." hmmm i've been pessemistic lately huh? "yeah, the glass is half empty" lol or maybe i'm just looking too much into it =)

i dunno, maybe it's just me?? but i really want to watch "how to lose a guy in 10 days." like i know what's gonna happen. i know that they'll fall in love... dude, i even know why they ended up together and most of the process!! but i still wanna see it... it's succch a chick flick... but i just gotta! lol i just wanna feel the love, you know?

i dont know. i guess that you want to just... watch how they fall in love... and just... i dunno... watch the way they act around each other?? i'm not too sure what it is... it's just nice. i guess hehehe but i do know that it'll be one of those movies where you wish you had that special someone and for ppl that do have that special someone... smile to the fact how lucky they are hehehe

but i cant find anyone to watch it with me!! =( well i didnt ask much ppl hehehehehe but still!!! =( it's coming out tomorrow tho heheh yay. hehehe

"hey now, hey now, dont dream it's over~!"