February 12th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

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hmmm valentine's day is almost here. why do i feel a sudden d? jàvu? like recently i just wrote an entry on valentine's day... but i know clearly that that was last year. man oh man, how time pass by huh?

anyway i have never asked anyone to be my valentine before. i'm thinking of doing it this year. why not right hehehe i just wonder, who to ask? i do have one or two in mind bwhahaha can i ask more than one? hehehe

and when i do ask, what happens afterwards when he says, "yes," "no," or maybe just nothing at all? should i ask the guy because i'm interested? or just for fun? and if i ask because i'm interested and he said, "yes," does that mean he's interested too? ccccooonnnffuusssiinngggg

who really makes up these rules? are there rules? hehe i guess that's what's fun about this huh. you can basically do whatever you want.

maybe i should just ask a really cute stranger on valentine's day. bwahahahahahhahaha