February 14th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

to you

i know that you say that you could really care less about valentine's day, but i also know that deep down you care. and i know that valentine's day is just some corporate scam trying to give people excuses to spend more money, but i would like to take this day to tell you this anyway.

that if you wanna know if i love you, the answer is yes. i have always loved you and i'll always will. and if you feel that you're alone and that no one cares, you're wrong... because i have always cared for you and i will always be there for you. and when you need someone, i will be here, right next to you, telling you that, "everything will be alright."

i dont need any corporate scam to tell me that loving someone like you makes me lucky, because i already know that i am. every single day with you is a "valentine's day" to me. nor would i need any flowers or chocolates from you to feel special either because to know that i love you is enough.

and that's all that matters.