July 8th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

loading slow?

does this site load slow for you guys? ppl with dial up that is. because my sole purpose of moving was so that my journal wouldnt load slow... but i added a pretty big background... and since i'm not on dial up, i wanna know! help me out =)
hug me and dont let go

late 4th of july story

so what did i do on july 4th? what i've been doing for the past few months. i worked. whoo, fun. with my least favorite manager. in fact, she hates me. no doubt. but it wasnt that bad... altho i would've loved to be at the bbq with my family and their friends... and possibly some of my friends that i would've invited if i didnt have to work, working wasnt that bad. why do i say that now?

because my boo (keke) had the day off and came by to eat dinner with me =) yay (and yeah i get paid time and a half and also get a day off with pay =)) and he wanted to do something with me afterwards... so he waited for me to get off work. you might be wondering what he did for 4½ hours? he went to watch T3 by himself and played video games. lol. with my free game cardS of course lol and then after work, we went to a near by restaurant and had a little snack there =) i'm so lucky hehe just wanna brag.

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