July 17th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

things i've did

sheessh no one is answering to my last post on the journal =( only answers through ims lol

well anyways, monday i finally get to do something i havent done in while... well a few things. (1) is hanging out with salina and heather. havent done that in a while hahaha and (2) laura too! whoo that was a long time. i dont even remember the last time we've met lol (3) i went to "fum cha" (4) i finally get to play mj. and of course when you play mj, you have to (5) watch "fat choi spirit." i mean of course, when you play with on, der and laura? no andy watching?? whatever! hahaah jk :P and (6) bought hella chinese snacks that i havent eaten since i was a little tiny girl hehe (7) i also watched a new chinese movie... havent done that in a while. and last but not least i (8) borrowed a vcd, "love undercover" from onon hahaha ppl!!! (esp. der and on) let's go watch "love undercover 2"!! i think miriam and daniel's characters are so cute together. i laughed my ass off watching that.

even tho i lost :D i love MJ!

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hug me and dont let go

m5 again!

Maroon5 with Gavin DeGraw and Marc Broussard

September 27 and 28, 2003

House of Blues on the Sunset Strip

8430 Sunset Blvd

West Hollywood, CA

For presale, visit www.ticketmaster.com on July 19 @ 10:00 AM PT

I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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