August 17th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

my present

yeah, my birthday isnt coming up or anything. but here's what i decided. decided to book you guys on the 30th of aug, a saturday, for Kareoke. (and some for dinner) decided it's stupid to ask your freinds to give you money hahahah so you dont have to give me money if you dont wanna. dont have to give me a gift. your presences is a gift to me. (hmmm did someone said that to me before lol think it was der?) and do what you want. give me whatever or give me nothing. or contribute to my ultimate gift if you wanna also. (please do it through paypal ahahah jk) just do what you want. but if you really INSISTED on getting me a gift and dont wanna give me money, ask me and i'll give you a suggestion. yes i would like to make it easy on you. :P

just come. really. that's it. i'll be calling you guys about the times and whatnot... when i figured it out. =)

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