August 24th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


just for denys.

i wanna tell you guys that denys is getting me "Primal Fear" for my birthday. so no one get that for me ok LoL yeah, he's too lazy to go around claiming it himself. so i have to do it. shesh, and it's my birthday too!! haha jk.

yesterday was fun. after work, denys, der, jonathan and i went to eat dinner at (what i now believe) the best italian resturant in sf. of course not like i've been to many... but twice i've been there and twice their seafood dishes were absolutly great! like i would take a bite and say "wow, this is really good" and believe me, i dont say that very often... i eat a lot but that doesnt mean i think everything is really good hehehe ok, i think that this restaurant has the best seafood dishes. there~! and somewhere in between we got a call from kevin and stuff... so we ended up planning on mj. and since jonathan doesnt really know how to mj and he needs to work early the next day, he left after dinner.

so afterwards, we went to kev's house to mj! hehe i guess we did mj afterall! i was on a losing streak for the first game... yes, i won nothing hahaha i didnt even wanna count in the end of the game. and i think they all felt bad for me. because once we started the next game, we were deciding on whether to keep the amount we had then or start off new again. "i think we should start off new," denys said LOL but yeah, we got new seatings again, WHOO and i won the first ome =) yay! heheh i think i finally know to NOT give away tiles now hahah before i just throw out what i dont need... now i hold tiles too if i noticed some players need it. i think i'm getting better with the strategies... just better... not good hehe

all i have to say was the dessert was good =)

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hug me and dont let go

the medallion

ahahahah i just found out from my friend that edison and nicholas are both in that movie! hahah they are just waiters and were in it for about 5 seconds! ahahah because of that, that movie is worth seeing hahahah!
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yay! my ultimate gift!

yay!!! i am getting my ultimate gift soon!! just today i had dinner with my family. and all my relatives gave me red envelopes. they arent much, not enough to get me my digital camera, but a big jump for me hehehe... since i didnt start saving for that yet. but i'm not sure what got into my mom, she asked me which camera i want so she can start ordering. and i told her that i dont have enough money for it yet. and she said that she'll just pay the difference of what i have now! whooo!! and i thought i was getting it after my LA trip! ahaha!! i can use it for my LA trip!!! WHOOO!!! =)
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Fat Choi Spirit

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that yesterday when i was on the losing streak, i felt like andy in "fat choi spirit" after gigi cursed him. the tiles just looked like it. i couldnt "up" or "pong." it was so bad one time that i had tiles like 1, 5, and 9. and i'm looking at it, thinking, 'wtf' lol but i think after playing that movie everytime we played mj for the past... i dunno how many months... or years hahaha... that movie would forever be part of my mj life. i dont think there is ever a time when i played mj and not think of that movie. everything seemed to relate it! of course... it is about mj... hehehe it's just so funny. it's like i'll never get sick watching it when i play mj... but then again, it's not like i watch it when i play.. hehe but yeah, just wanna point that out hehe.

"F U!! nice flower!!! F U!!!! double (nice flowers)!!!! AH!! F U!!!! self pick!!!!!" bwhahahaha!

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