September 5th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


i'm kinda lost with this new lj layout. it's so weird. i think it's time for an upgrade.. and a new layout. for sure. hehe. man i change so fast. hehe maybe change it when there is a new picture gallery up for maroon5. when i have time. busy weekend =) tell you all about it later. now i gotta go shower so i can wake up early for my 8 o'clock class... and... like... survive the whole day tomorrow... or more like today... feels almost like working. i'm gonna take "focus on horror film" and they only meet twice the whole semester. a one unit class. they're meeting from like 4 pm to 10 pm. then 9 Am to 5 PM, SEE workign times, on saturday

so this is what i'm planning on. after class tomorrow/today, 12 pm, meet up with weaver and we're gonna buy lunch and go shopping at stones for a top =) but i have to do it with an half an hour spand. [blank face] shouldnt be that hard right... i mean i'm just gonna look around... really quick, for something nice and cheap hehe. oh man that's already hard work! lol then we're gonna go to my house to watch 'the pianist' FINALLY. i've had that thing forever. all of a sudden, one dollar per day doesnt sound so cheap hahahaha but yeah, so half an hour of shopping, that's 1230, half an hour to get home, 1 pm. movie is 2 and a half hours. 330 when movie is over, and half an hour to get back to school. 4!! whoo. just in time hehe of course it probably wont work out that way... but who cares if we're late... they dont even take attendence.

and maybe do something afterwards? if like they wanna do something after pool. so yeah. that's my friday

the sat isnt all that free either haha, tell you later

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hug me and dont let go

"Shakespeare in the Bush"

was reading an article, for class, called "shakespeare in the bush" and there was this part where the researcher was trying to tell this african tribe about hamlet or something. and there was this conversation in the article that i thought was funny. keep in mind that he's speaking their language and changed some words so they'll understand hamlet better

"that night hamlet kept watch with the three who had seen his dead father. the dead chief again appeared and although the others were afraid, hamlet followed his dead father off to one side. when they were alone, hamlet's dead father spoke."
"omens cant talk!"
"hamlet's dead father wasnt an omen. seeing him might have been an omen, but he was not. it was hamlet's dead father. it was a thing we called a 'ghost'"
"what is a 'ghost?' an omen?"
"no, a 'ghost' is someone who is dead but who walks around and can talk, and people can hear him and see him but not touch him"
"one can touch zombis"
"no, no! it was not a dead body the witches had animated to sacrifice and eat. no one else made hamlet's dead father walk. he did it himself"
"dead men cant walk"
"a 'ghost' is the dad man's shadow"
"dead men cast no shadows"
"they do in my country" he snapped. (he was getting frustrated)
"no doubt in your contry the dead can also walk without being zombis"

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