September 20th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


summary of my day

started off with a conversation i had with denys "crap" aahahahah
meet up with jonathan and we went shopping. the guys. i thought it was fun hehe
lost a bet =( what's wrong with you!! how can someone that gets full from eating apples and bread for lunch, finish a lumber jack and then asked for more food?!?! see denys worked his last bite and asked for more food (avi file)
and party with pool, advertisement of the new nokia phone lol, more advertisement, and more... and more lol

and other pics just are best left without captions lol

one, two, three, four haha, five, and i think this is my all time favorite just look at her face lol

and then afterwards we ate... i acted drunk even tho i didnt drink at all! haha "what are you?? blind?! open your "ass"!" hahahah
even tho i really wanted to go on that trip with you guys. i had fun tonight. hope everyone that went to the party had fun too and hope that you guys are having fun!!! =)

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