October 10th, 2003

hug me and dont let go

dsl. swearing

i've been lied to. my dsl isnt up yet. stupid ppl. but i guess it's all good because i had to study yesterday and that's what i did. i'm sure if dsl was up, i wouldnt be doing that. so yeah. whatever.

the other day i was on the bus, trying to do my own thing and like mind my own business... but this girl that was sitting right across from me was talking on her phone REALLY LOUD. i dont mean to be stereotypicial or anything, but yeah here i go, she was a Hong Kong girl. so yeah, she was talking so loud that i had to listen in... there's no other way out. of course, she was speaking in cantonese... and i try to blank out what she says but she's so loud it INVADES me.

what i noticed about her conversation isnt what she was really saying but how she said it. apparently she likes to add a swear word after five words. LIKE NON STOP. she used it as if it made her sentences sound better or something. it's like an adjective! i mean yeah i swear too, but my god, not that much!

it made me realized how unattractive it is for a girl to swear. i dont wanna swear anymore.

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