October 25th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


it's 320 right now. this is what i feel like doing. finish watching "keeping the faith." unfortunatly i wanna watch it in my living room... but someone moved the dvd player into my room. yeah we only have one... for now hehe but anyways i dont wanna watch it in my room! i wanna watch it on my dad's chair! soooooo i could do a few things:

1. i could move the dvd player back to the living room (ugh)
2. move my dad's chair into my room (ugh)
3. or i can just watch it in my room... =(

but you know what? i just realized i have about an hour before kevin picks me up. OH WELLS that's 5 seconds of my life wasted on thinking of a solution to something i cant even do LOL

but you know what? this song is like soo cool when you realized that only ONE person is doing all this. right... i'm right, right? a little help jonathan hehe
anyways, wow. wow. lol
what can i say?
"what do you think of nine inch nails?"
"it's toooo long!"
i better turn off the tv in the living room and get ready.
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    "i wanna fuck you like an animal"