November 4th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


i havent updated in a while, so i decided to update. not too sure what i'm gonna talk about tho. let's start off with today jonathan and i are celebrating our half year. yay. heheh but right now, i'm at his work because he's working XP but it's ok since i can go online and he can go do his thing. we originally planned on going to MOMA since it's where we went on our first date... and you know first tues of the month is FREE heheh we did that on our first date too hehe but he's not feelign too well. but you know what? staying home, staying warm and watching tv are still good things that i dont mind doing either hehe =)

so tomorrow is another big day. my date with jesse. yes, ok, so it's only for an hour and i really only get 4 mins with him one-on-one, with like 11 other ppl watching us... but it's still a date with jesse heheheh i swear to you before i entered this contest i had a dream that i was chatting with him online. you can ask m5's heather about that. i called her and told her about the dream the next day. and then before you know it, like a few days later, i entered and then the next day, i won! whoo! what are the odds =)

so heather, joslyn and i all won! wow. i wonder how hahahah jonathan said that suggs might've rigged it hahaha nooo it was john from sin who did hahahah jk, john's cool tho hehe and so ever since heather won, she kept thinking of things to ask jesse. she thought of about 8 questions so far and she wanna have 10. i gotta admit some of her questions are pretty good. how many question do i have? uhm... none lol wait i think i did thought of two while talking to her. but yeah, i told her that i'm going to ask jesse out for us and she bets me $10 that i would chicken out. sigh, heather, you might as well give me your money now hahahahaha but anyways, here are the two questions i thought of:

1. which concert was your favorite concert you played and why?
2. how do you feel about having devoted fans like us follow you around the tour?

i'm kinda debating about the first question. if i should ask it or not... but hahahah i'm definitly asking him out, "would you like to go on a 'date' with four of your biggest fans? we'll pay" LOLOL maybe i'll ask him if we can be penpals? hmmm i really dunno. it'll come as i go along. but definitly some praising will happen hehehe

any suggestions?
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