December 1st, 2003

hug me and dont let go

i just noticed

when someone come up to me, talking about a crush and how much he likes the girl and doesnt know how she feels and what not... somehow i always end up telling him to just tell her how you feel and let's see where it goes. i just wanna say that this advice is wrong LOL i just realized that if the girl is interested in the guy too... in due time, something is bond to happen. this is usually true. like it naturally comes about. there is really no need as long as the guy shows interest... the girl... if she feels the same way, would reciprocate also.

ok i better go now.
hug me and dont let go

oh yeah

i really gotta stop expecting too much
it's getting disappointing when i do it LOL
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hug me and dont let go


this is funny

How long do I last in bed? by DesideroAmor
Real Name
Birthdate (MM/DD/YY)
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haha that's nearly 6 hours hahahahaha
oh.. kay... if i put my last name in it too, it says i last for six hours and 32 mins LOL
edited: "its bout sex? i thought it was bout sleepin...dag nam it!!!" - eric
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