December 21st, 2003

hug me and dont let go

blackout hit and run

fucking shit. yesterday while i worked, our whole building went blacked out. and we sorta knew it was coming because every once in a while the lights would flicker. so when it happaned, we're not all that surprised. so we were kicked out of the building, waited... got back in... called the general manager... apparently there was a fire in the subway? and they said the blackout would last for 4 - 8 hours... whatever.. we're not waiting that long. so the general manager told us that we could leave. so we left and all went to the bar across the street which ironicly had electricity. it's just some parts of san francisco was out. through phone calls, we found out that a lot of part of san francisco was out. some parts of sunset, some of richmond. some of van ness.

but yeah, it was fun tho. we played a little pool and drank a little. i'm not sure why but they all wanted to go against me. and we would always bet the same thing, if the guys lose, they take off their pants, but if i lose, i take off my shirt.... uhm... let's just say that i got about four guys to take off their pants and one had to take them off twice and another refused to take it off because he's working, the bartender. bwhahah but whatever. i suck ;P

but yeah what sucked tho was that my street was out too. it was fricking dark. god i hate the dark... and today we were woken up by a call from my brother asking to speak to my mom. hm... apprently someone hit our fucking car when it was parked. it was parked on the side where the park is, near the intersection. from the looks of it, they hit us on the side. and it was hard because the car is no longer parked parallel to the street but it's rear is ON the street. my dad said it looks like someone was making a u-turn and couldnt see, since our car was navy blue, and hit us.

assholes. i hate hit and runs
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