December 26th, 2003

hug me and dont let go


my parents are pretty popular for their last min business trips. well, it didnt fail today lol they told me like yesterday that they were going to vegas for christmas. so yeah. whatever. we were supposed to stop by my grandfather's to visit... since it's christmas and he just got out of the hospital. thought there was a christmas party at his house like usual until my aunts started to stop by dropping off gifts... "hmm? you're not going to the party?" i would ask them and they informed me that there is none since my grandfather is still sick. oh wells.

so this morning i gave eric a called to see what's up. and he's just at his aunt house being bored. and he told me that his dad asked me to join them. and so since there is no party for my family, i went to his. his family is pretty much like mine. his mother has a family of 8 and my dad has a family of 9. it must be a hakka thing LOL at the end of the night, his mother said that she hoped i wasnt scared by the loudness and stuff because there were so many ppl... and i told her that i'm used to it =) kinda reminded me of my family.

so, how was your christmas?
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hug me and dont let go

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better on the eyes? i hope! tell me if you have any problems. =) btw, what you think? purty huh =) it looks better in 1024 x 768 and full screen =) thank you, </a></b></a>thomas_riddle, for the icon, it's pretty too =) i like it a lot
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