January 6th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


i'm happy.

but... i'm having my maroon5 withdraw
they really need like to make some kind of dvd
so when i have my withdraw, i can just watch it over
and over and over and over
damn i lost the sample dvd. GODDAMNIT. i wonder where it went
that's what happens when you move. EVERYTHING gets lost
it's not even in my maroon5 drawer
yes i have a maroon5 drawer... full of stuff...
what?! like you're surprised lol

anyways, yay, 6 more days!! that's less than a week! whoo!
vacation! i need one lol
not to maroon5 tho =(
but still good ;D

dont mind me, it's late and i'm getting delirious
too bad that's not a current mood i can put up...
just gotta use the "other" lol

oh yeah, fuckers.
i'm not here to babysit you!!!
damn electronic illiterate ppl.
"well i thought it's a simple question that anyone can answer"
well FUCK YOU, if it's so easy, why you asking me
well then again, i'm illiterate too... so whatever

you see!! i am delirious!!
omg, i'm going to sleep
  • Current Music
    the r kelly song that m5 plays b4 they go on stage