January 19th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

"i will go down with this ship...

and i wont put my hands up in surrender..."

i am like obsessed over this song. it is by far one of the few songs that i cant get sick of... well. not yet. lol i just recently dled the video. finally took the time. and now i watch it all the time now lol

the thing with this song was that a while back, john and i were debating what it meant. we both agree that it's a break up song. obviously. but my impression of the song was that he broke up with her but she'll always love him, whereas john feel that it means she broke up with him and she realized that she made a mistake.

but after watching the video, the whole video sorta support both of our theories... but until the end. it made me think that john could be right... even tho he argued with me for the sake of arguement... and not too much of what he really thought hahaha but anyways, just solely on lyrics, tell me what you think.

here are the lyrics:

Collapse )

well, i'm gonna go watch it again lol
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