February 4th, 2004

hug me and dont let go


i noticed that i think the only time i can go online would be during my few hours break in between classes... or maybe late at night after i got off from work... or something. lol but anyways right now i am in the computer lab (with eric next to me ;P) waiting for my adviser hour to come... and then i can go see him and switch majors. yay yay. so far my classes as been cooooool. but then again this is only like my third day in school ahahahahah~! i'm loving this MW schedule. heheh

anyways, i was just scrolling through some of the journal entries and i came across this survey one from joslyn. i've seen it before but didnt get the tiem to do it. so while i have 15 more min, i'm gonna go do it, yay. i'mma gonna do it backwards hehehe because i copied and pasted it and i ended up on the end.

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rock on


today is officially one of the best days of my life... well so far. so you all know if you read the previous entry that i went to go see my advisor. well after we're done, i looked at my transcript and i realized that after this semester i only have three more classes to take before i finish my major... WTF? i thought. because i could've swear to God that i've calculated everything and it said that i have two more years to go. so WTF? but after i calculated and recalculate and pay for my DAR and etc etc... i realized... that... IT'S TRUE. after this semester, if i passed everything, all i fricking need is 12 more units to finish off my major and I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm freaking out. it's so soon. wtf. what happened to 2 years more? and how the hell did i get 100 units?!?!?! I CANNOT believe it. i'm totally in shocked hahahah ah, and come to think of it, i might've even able to graduate even sooner if i didnt drop/fail/nc some of the classes i took =\ but GODDAMN. i need one more semester to go! omg!

and then i got a phone call from my whores... omg. hehe. now check this out. heather won a contest to this private m5 show in LA... and the problem is that she can only bring one guest. so the four of us tried our best to figure out a way to get all of us in... we came to a conclusion that we'll all go down there and see if we might bump into someone and test our luck and get ourselves in... but today i got a call from my whores telling me that O has won the other contest for the same show!!!!!!!!!! now we're definitly able to get in!! no need to test our luck!!! I'M SO HAPPY heheh after i heard that i cant stop smiling and giggling hahaha

THANK YOU to whoever up there that likes me LOL
oh yeah, i'm freaking out about going to see m5 in TWO FRICKING DAYS!!!
SOOO FRICKING CLOSE!! yay!!! no more m5 withdraws!
see you guys saturday night! woot!
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