March 13th, 2004

rock on


a little update for utah. it was awesome. i finally get to see them do soundcheck. i recorded everything ahahahah gave adam his birthday card. he loves it. but looked like mickey was more amused with it. over all, it was worth the trip. got another group pic. yay me. lol anyways, that's it. too lazy to type everything.
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my celebrity family

Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
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MomJamie Lee Curtis
DadSean Connery
BrotherSean Everette Scott
BoyfriendJustin Timberlake
Best friendMilla Jovovich
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the whole thing was cool up to the point that justin was my bf. wtf? lol jk i have a cool family. i mean, Jamie Lee Curtis as my mom and Sean Connery as my dad? they are two very unique and seem like fun individuals LOL an enya as my sister? haha wait? who's Sean Everette Scott? at first i thought it was the guy from italian job. but then i realized that his name is Seth Green. wtf. that's nothing similar to Sean Everette Scott LOL it's late. i should be sleeping. bye!
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Surprise! by waywardpixie
In a bizarre twist of fateyou find true love. Your soul mate rescues you from your oppressive, caged existence and the two of you live happily ever after in a tropical paradise, selling hats.
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that's like some fairy tale come true or something. oppressive, caged existence? it's like cinderella?? selling hats? LOL i guess i dont care as long as i live on a tropical paradise. wheeeee!
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