April 5th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

and now

for something totally... predictable.

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so i'll update a little. i was der for an hour one day. she was "incapable" to get her graduation stuff and since i live kidna close to it, and eric was picking me up, i got it for her. it was kinda funny. i was getting her cap and gown and the guy asked me how tall i was. "5'2"" i told him. "5'2"?!" "i'm getting it for a friend." "oh ok, i was gonna say you're as tall as me!"

yesterday anthony taught me the beauty of six deck deuces. and GODDAMNIT, i want a rematch. i dont care what you say! we'll get you next time hahaha. it was fun.

ok i better go
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rock on

my goal

so when i first fell in love with m5, i had a few thing i wanted to do:

1. get all their autographs (have tons)
2. group pic (have two)
3. get a pic with jesse... smiling ;D
4. stay for a soundcheck
5. have crazy roadtrips for consecutive days (too many. ;D)
6. go to meet and greets (read above lol)
7. get on their tourbus
8. get mickey to post on the board
(or at least see it happen in my lifetime)-

9. eat with them
10. have them acknowledge me
11. talk to them online (with Jesse ;D)
12. get on their friendster list lol
13. or at least be their friends/have them learn my name
14. get a thank/shout out from m5/adam
15. go to an east coast show
16. dominate all the east coast shows haha

more would be added lol
and it will happen.
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