April 12th, 2004

hug me and dont let go

happy zombie day

well i'm a little late. but today my coworker came up to me and said "do you know today is an official day for zombies? it's zombie day" and i'm like, "ok? cool?" and he kept repeating, "you know, zombies that rises from the grave, eat meat and drink blood." and i'm like "yeah..." then i get it. jesus rose from the grave, supposedly eat meat and drink blood: "take this all of you and eat it, this is my body which would be given up to you." and blah blah for the wine. same deal but for blood. so that was an interesting way of looking at it. but now everytime

also today i had fun talking to kevin and der on the phone at like 1 in the morning. i think we were on something. yesterday, while mjing, near the end of the day... or beginning of today, i think we were on something too. this is starting to prove my theory right. the fact that ppl act drunk when they are tired. even brian said it himself last night that he felt like he had two shots. and no there were no alcohol involved last night.

and i swear to you that a long time ago, i figured that ppl would act high if they are (____blank____) but i cannot remember what that was!! kinda driving me nuts haha but oh wells.

edit: oh yeah i forgot to mention that i borrowed the "brother bear" dvd yesterday... and it came with two dvds. so i'm looking at it. "disc 1: family friendly repect ratio" and "disc 2: original theatrical aspect ratio".... wtf does that mean?! "oh it just means that one is full screen and one is wide screen." someone told me. like wtf? why cant they just say full screen and wide screen? isnt this a kid movie?!?! the simple the better no?! i just thought that it was weird

better sleep.
but to end it. kevin, here it is:
1) Jesse from M5
2) Edward Norton
3) Gavin
4) Mickey from M5
5) Ryan from M5
6) James from M5
7) Matt from Kingstreet
8) Johnny Depp
9) Orlando Bloom
10) Brad Pitt

there. LoL
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hug me and dont let go


so you waited and waited for a new tour diary. hoping he'll, at least, mention something about it. you know he appreciates it. come on, i truly believe he does. but he hasnt updated... and then one day, you go online and realized he updated twice! wow! but nothing of it. NOTHING. disappointed? yes. surprised? no. why? why? why wouldnt he?? sigh... but at least he ended it in a really.... extremely cute note...

And now... we're going out to the australian chinatown... have a good monday... it'll be tuesday here... if anything important happens... i'll write you and warn you... you'll have a day to react. Love jesse.

my heart wont be your ragdoll anymore...
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